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Lady Carolina offers a diverse dining experience of Latin American convivial dining, street food and culture. We celebrate and showcase some of the world’s best Rums, Piscos, Latin wines and both local and international brews.

Lady Carolina


Ultimate Latin Dining Experience like no other
Lady Carolina offers a dining experience unlike any other.

Our vision for Lady Carolina is a fun, casual restaurant that offers modern, creative small share plates and innovative cocktails inspired by Peruvian, Mexican and Cuban ingredients and flavors. A place where friends, lovers, and family can come together, share dishes and experience our bold flavored, colorful, tradtional interpretation of Latin food. Our ethos is proudly – flavour first!

At Lady Carolina you will find an exciting exploration of dishes on offer. We will take you on a journey to experience the spicy, sour, fresh and healthy flavours that take Latin food beyond what we know of typical tacos, empanadas, ceviche,  to a cuisine that proudly hails from all the corners of Latin America.

The Parilla grill allows us to offer traditional Chilean barbecue style food. Think of whole fish, longanisa sausage or marinated butterflied chicken cooked over the roaring coals to ensure maximum flavour.


Our suppliers include:

R&A Meats
Oceanmade Seafood
Mont Albert Fresh
El Cielo
Untapped Fine Wines
Moet & Henessy
Boccaccio Cellars
Paramount liquor
Two Birds Brewing
Vinsight Wines
Veneziano Coffee
Tree Top Juices

  • Expect creative takes on Peru's national dish, ceviche, perhaps involving wild hibiscus and finger lime; inventive salads using pulses, grains, jicama and cassava; and lechon asado, suckling pig smoked over aromatic wood.
    Roslyn Grundy - Good Food
    Roslyn Grundy - Good Food
  • If you’ve been to South America and miss the many styles of food, it sounds like you’ll get a whirlwind tour in one hit – potato croquettes stuffed with Cuban spiced beef, variations on ceviche and Wilson’s take on Lima’s cult street sandwich; with a slow-roasted crispy pork, sweet potatoes and salsa.
    Lucille Wong - Broadsheet
    Lucille Wong - Broadsheet
  • There will be surprises in store when Lady Carolina, a Paul Wilson-directed ode to the melting pot of Peruvian cuisine, opens on Lygon Street, East Brunswick. The venue will also have access to Australia's first crop of purple corn, which is being trialled by the University of Queensland for its abundant antioxidants.
    Larissa Dubecki - Gourmet Traveller
    Larissa Dubecki - Gourmet Traveller
  • The ethos at Lady Carolina is undoubtedly flavour first, as diners will get the chance to experience the big, smoky, spicy, sour, and fresh flavours that make Latin-Caribbean food so distinctive.
    Hannah Valmadre - The Urban List
    Hannah Valmadre - The Urban List